“Club of Knowledge Hunters”


We want to make it clear that this forum is on the philosophy of “for the students and by the students”. So FDDI doesn’t play any role in its working and also this blog is an initiative by few FDDI students.Retailigence is not responsible or liable for any article  or information contributed by students.

Message from Retailigence Team:

It’s high time for the seniors, with the time running so quickly, everybody is busy to prepare him or herself for the placement activity, scheduled in the end of year.

So it’s an appeal from the Retailigence team that everyone who has knowledge about something new happening in retail or in any other field which he or she might thought important for all of us, can share it with everyone on this forum. This information can be on various topics like – company profile, brand profile, News, Articles, Own thoughts, some Data, Concepts related to subjects or any other thing which can impart knowledge among us.

You can send your Articles, News, Research, Presentation, etc. to Your entries will be uploaded within 12hr.


2 Responses to “Disclaimer”

  1. Rishi said

    a good online source of information. well organised & active participation by the owners & members. good luck & keep it up

  2. Raj Pandey said

    it was a very good effort keep posting something new on is a kind of knowledge pool.
    Raj Pandey

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