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retailigence@FDDI newsletter (10/Oct/08 to 20/Nov/08)

Posted by retailigence on November 23, 2008


India, next big market for retail financial services

This report uses exclusive interviews plus a survey of third party data to present the critical success factors in creating an Indian retail financial operation, including: Who’s who among domestic and foreign players? What are they doing? What are their existing and future growth strategies? Plus in-depth case studies of the post office network and the micro-finance movement. Key segments explained and de-mystified, ranging from the affluent, the female market, the un-banked consumers in regional and rural markets. View full article

Customer Communities Are a Form of Retail Therapy for Consumers and Firms, a Study Suggests

Research shows that customers can receive up to six different types of therapeutic types of social support from friendships that they form with other customers in places such as video arcades, gym, and health clubs. By participating in retail customer communities, consumers receive social support from other people, which improves their sense of well-being and of belonging in the world. This means that consumers may remedy feelings associated with depression, stress, and loneliness by forming friendships with other customers in retail environments. View full article

Retail industry? India does not have one really

The retail industry in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America is about forcing the customer to come to its outlets owing to lower prices, fully functional websites which allow you to buy the smallest of items on the shelf and optimum use of logistics and ERP software. On the other hand, retail in India is about no web presence, juggling real estate lease costs and sourcing cheap knick knacks. View full article



Future Group to manufacture toothpaste, detergents

As part of company’s plan to cash in Rs 100 billion from its private labels by 2012, Kishore Biyani-led Future Group, which retails products including FMCG, apparels, jewellery and books & music across India through various retail chains under Pantaloon Retail, has announced its plan to manufacture products like toothpaste, soap and detergents. View full article

India once again tops the retail shrinkage survey

The second annual Global Retail Theft Barometer-2008 Survey, covering 920 large retailers across 36 countries has rated India with the highest shrinkage rate at 3.10 per cent this year, an increase of 6.9 per cent over last year. View full article

Mumbai’s Linking Road most expensive retail location in India

Linking Road in Mumbai has emerged as the most expensive retail destination in India and the 5th most expensive location in Asia, according to a report. View full article



Future of Indian Retail

the dollar tree



Global credit crisis

US financial crisis



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retailigence@FDDI newsletter (16/Sep/08 to 10/Oct/08)

Posted by retailigence on October 11, 2008


How Can I Make A Good First Impression?

“First impression is last impression”. First appearance while interview is a last chance to create good impression. It is essential to utilize the operciuity. Creating the first good impression doesn’t mean you should be good looking. View full article

Retail health clinics are popular, but lack oversight

The story on the website goes something like this. It’s cold in Minnesota during the winter. And when you have a sick child, that cold is your enemy. A small prescription or pinkeye can turn into an ordeal if you end up digging your way out. Doctors’ offices close, and many parents end up in the emergency room with sick kids. One Minnesota dad decided that there must be a better way to deal with the issue. And thus Minute Clinic was born. View full article.

FDI in retail for development

An intense debate has been raging in the country on the policy towards FDI in the organised retail sector. The protagonists argue it will bring technology to develop logistics and supply chains, helping food processing industry to grow, provide employment to millions, and enhance competition in the retail space. View full artical.



Retailers go slow on hiring

The retail sector, which attracted talent in droves till six months ago, is seeing an exodus of people. Retail majors, who had hired in droves during their expansion spree, are now keen to get rid of the flab to counter slowdown. Vishal Retail, the retail chain, which runs stores mainly in Delhi has seen 300-400 people leaving its fold. Though this is not a big number in a labour-intensive industry like retail, it signals the beginning of a slowdown in jobs, according to retail industry experts. View full news

Retailers adopting innovative strategies for this festive season

Early this month, consumer electronics and appliances retail chain Jumbo Electronics Co. included “wedding packages” as a part of its festive sales pitch. The idea was to cash in on the coming wedding season by putting together a basket of articles most likely to feature on every young couple’s wish list: a liquid crystal display (LCD) television set, expensive mobile phone, laptop, camcorder, MP3 players, digital camera… all squeezed together to fit budgets that range from Rs1 lakh to Rs5 lakh. Though heavy discounts are usually part of the festive sales pitch, retailers such as Jumbo are adopting innovative strategies and packages to cut through the clutter and grab consumer attention in a competitive market. View full news

Bharti Retail to roll out supermarket format

After making its debut in satellite TV, Bharti is all set to stretch its arms in its already existing retail business. According to sources in the company, Bharti Retail is now planning to roll out its supermarket format in Punjab by the end of the year. Bharti had entered the state with its retail venture earlier in the year through its convenience store format; several of which were opened in different parts of the state. View full news



Case Study of Wal-Mart Store Inc.


Research ppt’s

Comparative analysis of Retail chains based on SERVQUAL Model

Problem And Prospectus Of Export House

Selling Strategies Of Retail Banking


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retailigence@FDDI newsletter (01/Sep/08 to 15/Sep/08)

Posted by retailigence on September 14, 2008


RETAIL BANKING (Investment and lending pattern of consumer)

Apart from real fruitful returns .today people are also looking for various benefits in this complicated financial system. This could be termed as an “Emerging era of investing heads”. Increasing awareness leads to willingly investing customers contrary to times where people are being motivated through a basic “chai paani” way to take vivid policies. View full article

Business and Ethics go hand in hand

“Ethics is a code of values which guide our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our lives”, as stated by Ayn Rand, in my opinion is the most appropriate and complete statement for Ethics but the very first question arises, how far it is applicable in business? , several people has come up with many innovative ideas but I think still many companies are not aware from the term Business Ethics. In modern business world Cheating, corruption and deception may threatens the vary existence of business. View full article.

Understanding customer-service…

According to the Harvard Business Review on exceptionally – satisfied customer is six times more likely to buy again as one who is merely satisfied. And only a 5% increase in customer loyalty can boost profit 25% to 85%. Jack Mackey, Franchising world, page-49.

It would be stupidity if I tell you the importance of customer service. Even the rickshaw puller or kerina shop or street hawker knows that how crucial it is. View full artical.


Organised Retail undergoes Reality Check

‘Modern Retail’ was the buzz word, surrounded with excitement and euphoria only a year ago. However the inevitable consolidation and its sudden and quick arrival with an unexpected slowdown has  surprised most experts. Every one connected with retail was anxious about imminent shortage of quality manpower. Managerial talent was in short supply and salary packages were piercing stratospheric levels, reports HR consultants and trainers were ecstatic about unfolding opportunities. View full news

Big Bazaar plans to open 15 stores by November end

Retail chain Big Bazaar plans to open 15 more stores by November end, some of them in new markets, at an investment of Rs 1,500-1,600 crore. With this, Big Bazaar, a subsidiary of the Kishore Biyani-spearheaded Pantaloon Group, will have 112 stores pan-India by November, a top company official said. Big Bazaar is targeting a network of 145 stores by June 2009. View full news

SAP sees strong retail growth

With over 60 high growth Indian retail companies embracing SAP technology for Retail Solutions, SAP India has made a mark in the growing Indian retail sector. This came about at the SAP Retail Customer Value Networking Event, being held in Mumbai, September 10. View full news


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