“Club of Knowledge Hunters”

About Us

We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge and our attempt is to give knowledge not information to others.

Bertrand Russell once said that “The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” And this is our attempt to spread the knowledge to others, so others can guide themselves to achieve their goals.

We, a team of students from FDDI, Centre for Retail Management branch, are an amalgamation of Ordinary people with common interest that is to attain knowledge and spread it in the world. So you can say that we are “Club of Knowledge Hunters”, a club where everyone has objective to learn, to grow and to enhance his common abilities, in other words we are all “Students”. So each and every student is part of our team.


12 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Shreya said

    Its reaally very gud step initiated. I m sure there would be many followers…Best of luck…

  2. Niharika said

    Congratulations dear students for your endeavour. I am sure you will achieve what you want to, through this blog. I dont know whether you can add google adsense to it. That way you might earn some revenue as well..
    get going and keep it up!

  3. puneet said

    guys, what have u made!!!
    its just amazing..keep it up…
    all the very best..

  4. kunalsharma1284 said

    congratulations to the Retailigence team for giving the students of FDDI a platform to write n express their opinions backed by facts, which will lead to our growth as retailers. i hope we all carry forward the initiative taken by suresh and his team. hats off to u guys

  5. Shubham Gautam said

    Congratulation team…we will also look forward in this

  6. Tarun said

    Way to go guys!

  7. Hi
    Do have a look at this online briefcase and see if you find anything interesting. Can send you some classroom ppt’s as well.
    best wishes

  8. Raj Pandey said

    hai dear it was a vry good effoert frm ur side. it was a really good info being provided by u. well done
    Raj Pandey

  9. Chirag Grover said

    KUDOS to the webmaster & his team for making such platform to share ideas & minds…
    I am sure it will definitely achieve its mission & purpose & empower the people with knowledge & help them to grow.

    Grover C

  10. masood shaikh said

    dear retailligence team,

    this site was ‘love at first site’ (oun intended) and i am hooked on to it. in a world of crisis this comes as a whiff of cool air relaxing to see my country unruffled by the turmoils…mera bharat mahaan….

  11. Your latest informaations are very useful. Please send me your Website address,so that i can see your informations. thank you in the meantime.

    • retailigence said

      You can Subscribe to Retailigence by Email, it will take few minutes.

      Thanks & Regards
      Suresh Kr. Singh

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