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Online research before purchase rising: Study

Posted by retailigence on January 4, 2009

New Delhi: In the present economic scenario, when the print and electronic advertising mediums are seeing a dip in revenues, online advertising is gaining momentum as advertisers are now looking at cost-effective mediums to reach to the target audience. Usage of the online medium as an advertising platform is increasing as the medium not just offers the advertisers the flexibility to reach the right kind of users but it is also used for creating brand awareness, to lead the generation.

To highlight the increasing popularity of online medium amongst consumers and hence advertisers Google India has conducted a study on consumer buying behavior, which suggested that consumer electronics, technology and telecom products were usually researched online but purchased offline.

As per the research, 56% for technology products, 56% are researched online but purchased in retail stores and 26% are researched and purchased online.

In the travel and media industry, however, the consumer trend is of researching and purchasing online. Google research reveals that 66% of Travel products are researched and purchased online and 40% of entertainment products are researched and purchased online.

Sources:- The Financial Express


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