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White Wine Good for Heart too

Posted by superstar23 on October 24, 2008

The health benefits of a glass of red wine are well known, but new research from an Indian born scientist at  the University of Connecticut indicates that moderate consumption of white wine could also protect the heart.

The rats of the world seem to be having a great time enjoying wine while scientists are studying the effects of wine on health. The rats that were fed the equivalent of one or two glasses of white wine by researchers in the US in the current study discovered that  their hearts suffered less damage during cardiac arrest than those fed water or grain alcohol, according to the study reported in the New Scientist.

Benefits from the white wine were similar to those found after animals ingested red wine due to the chemical resveratrol found in the skin. “The flesh of the grape can do the same job as the skin,” claims the Indian born molecular biologist Dr Dipak Das. “Their blood pressure and aortic blood flow plummeted less drastically as well.”

Director of the Hatter Institute for Cardiology Research, Professor Lionel Opie, in South Africa, agrees with the evidence provided by Dr. Das but adds that human heart attacks occur from blood clots and diseased arteries and not necessarily mitochondrial failure, which the study seems to indicate.

But Dr Das expects similar studies to soon prove white wine’s worth.

source: indian wine academy


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