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Ansal Plaza to chill customers with snow fall

Posted by retailigence on October 24, 2008

Come to Ansal Plaza this Diwali and chill out in snow shower as the selected malls of the company is gearing up to offer a true Switzerland feel.

While the event will be organised at Ansal Plaza Delhi on October 25 and 26, the next to follow will be at Ansal Plaza Greater Noida, Ludhiana and Jalandhar on October 27, 29 and 30 respectively, said a company press release.

Arif Sheikh, COO, Ansal Plaza Mall Management Company, said, “For this huge events we have imported snowfall machines from abroad. It will bring a new experience of shopping with snowfall in the mall.”

Meanwhile, the tenants of the mall will arrange theme based displays using cut outs of snowmen, Eskimos and igloo, said the release.

Sources:- indiaretailing


3 Responses to “Ansal Plaza to chill customers with snow fall”

  1. renu g said

    The snowfall at ansal plaza was a joke. The machine did not ever work. As usual we were disappointed with ansal plaza because i came with my hubby and my baby to see snow fall. This mall and its management is going down the drain.

  2. arif said

    Mr. Arif Sheikh’S true face: ramesh kamat says, Mr. Sheikh from ansals group was himself a unsuccessful retailer once and now he is blowing the developers trumpet by playing a goody good developer.A typical politician aaya ram gaya ram,he switches sides just to keep his job. Have dealt with him when he was in sabka bazaar where he swore by the retailers and cursed the developers.Can someone tell him that he is good for nothing but politics. God save the doomed ansals. 27,Jan 2009 harassed retailer says, Ansal api is trying to be a leader in the developer community. No retailer should deal with them. They believe in unfair practices. They bully the retailers by cutting off their electricity for any reason. They use bouncers and ghoondas to threaten small time retailers. This company should be boycotted by the retailer community. Their malls are horrible,very badly managed and stink but they still demand the highest amount of cam. brokers union says, Please refer to Mr. Arif Sheikh’s the head of the doomed Ansal Retail had to say about recession. He says where is the recession when the retailers are opening over two lakh stores. Can someone tell Mr. Sheikh, he needs to pay more attention to his own malls, his retailers,his brokers,his employees. His malls are Dead, His retailers are Bleeding profusely and cursing the day they went into business with a useless company of his,his brokers are left cheated when inspite of months of hard work they are not paid their commissions and his employees are being Fired left and right. franchise alliance says, Just wanted all the bloggers to know that Ansal Api and its retail coo Arif Sheikh,have not only rubbed the retailers and investors the wrong way.They have tried to get into the franchise business as well by trying to steal data and trying to organise their own retail/franchise fairs for their sorry malls on highways like greater noida,sonepat etc.

  3. pulkit singh said

    This person called Arif Sheikh is a selfish and disgusting person.He is writing a book from a mall manager to a coo in thirty days. Although i work with him he comes out as a nasty manager.

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