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How Can I Make A Good First Impression? and more…

Posted by retailigence on October 7, 2008

How Can I Make A Good First Impression?

“First impression is last impression”. First appearance while interview is a last chance to create good impression. It is essential to utilize the operciuity. Creating the first good impression doesn’t mean you should be good looking.

Creating good first impression mean more approachable, so that person would like to talk to you.

There are few steps which can help you to create good first impression.

Stop Being Lazy

Being lazy is an axe on productive life. Following steps might help you to create more productive, successful and better life.

How to Write a Cover Letter?

Cover letter is an essential and tricky part of your job search, but I have come up with a sure fire way to help you create the almost perfect and most appropriate cover letter for your résumé.

How to Write a Good Approachable Resume?

If you are about to start switching jobs or newly bird into the real corporate world, you’re going to need a resume that helps you to rise above your competing job applicants. Following steps can help you to craft a resume that will be sure to get an interview call.


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