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Home shopping, a habit- changing concept for Indian consumer

Posted by superstar23 on September 17, 2008

Chennai: ‘Home shopping’ via a television channel is not an entirely new medium for the Indian audience. For long, viewers in India have watched Asian Sky Shop aired on different channels. However, what is new, and catching early eyeballs, is the concept of a 24-hour channel wholly dedicated to home shopping.

First on the block is HomeShop18, a Network 18 venture, launched in April this year and growing at 30 per cent month on month. The company is targeting to achieve ‘a run-rate breakeven’ in year 1 of its launch. With more channels looking to grab a share of this market, one can expect to see more action in this space over the next 12 months — a clear indication of the growing retail space in India.

“Home shopping is a habit-changing concept for the Indian consumer,” says Mr Sundeep Malhotra, CEO, HomeShop18 in an interview with Business Line. “Retail trends are changing drastically. However, for eCommerce to evolve in the consumer retail space, consumers at large have to become aware of the benefits of the medium.”


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