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Cata to introduce “Cantee” brand of products in Indian Market

Posted by superstar23 on September 17, 2008

Kitchen appliances manufacturer Cata is planning to introduce its ‘Cantee’ brand of products in the Indian market to tap the estimated Rs 2,000-crore kitchen appliances market.

The Spain-headquartered company is planning a series of launches of various free standing kitchen appliances, including coffee makers, barbecues, contact grills and deep friers from Diwali onwards.

The company is also venturing into organised retail with plans to open 50 stores under its own brand name in 10 major cities, including metros and Tier I cities during 2009.

“The market for smaller kitchen appliances in India is around Rs 2,000 crore per annum which is presently dominated by small firms and Chinese imports. We would be introducing products for the premium segment and our target are the Grade A customers,” Cata Appliances Executive Director Shiraz Naqvi said.

He said the company is looking at selling around 30,000 units of coffee machines, 5,000 units of barbecues and a significant volume of other items like contact grills, deep friers and free standing cookers by end of the current fiscal.

“We hope to make a turnover of around Rs 10 crore during our first year of operations of the new ‘Cantee’ brands,” Naqvi said.

The company presently sells its Cata brand of built-in kitchen appliances like built-in ovens, cooker-hoods, microwaves, dishwashers and wine coders in India and had a turnover of Rs 30 crore in 2007-08 from that segment.

While the company’s new coffee machines would be priced at Rs 4,500-8,500, the barbecues would come for Rs 20,000-45,000, and the contact grills, deep friers and standing cookers would be priced at Rs 5,000-15,000.


3 Responses to “Cata to introduce “Cantee” brand of products in Indian Market”

  1. Pranav Dave said

    I want to know about the Cantee Spain Coffe Machine Dealership in Saurashtra & Kutch (Gujarat).

  2. Nagendrakumar Maroor said


    We recently purchased Cantee coffee maker model Brew Barn during Mummy Daddy Kids Yatra & were issued a receipt no BPSINV5131 dt. 29.12.09

    The higher end coffee maker we were made to understand that the recommended coffee powder is Mr. Bean & for the referred model any coffee powder can be used. During demo people did not taste the coffee as the system was not washed & due to hygenic reasons. Later when we tried making coffee using maker the coffee tasted bad & we switched to original/age old coffee filter method leaving a request with Bharath team for an exchange with higher end model so that we make good use of monet invested.

    The calls were being transferred from one person to other for two weeks & yesterday we were aske to try using Mr. Bean coffee powder. Unfortunately we are pure coffee drinkers & Mr. Bean mix is with 45% chicory. Any ways we tried & even that tasted bad. While replying this to one Mr. Pandey of Bharath company he did not oblige the request of machine exchange which make me feel rude & not customer oriented.

    Appreciate if the company looks in to the request with deligence & help customer like us


  3. Nilansha Chaturvedi said


    We have bought the model Magic Brew a few months back but are facing problems in its functioning and on complain not getting proper service also. They have no time limit to provide service. And they are very rude also talking.

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