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retailigence@FDDI newsletter (01/Sep/08 to 15/Sep/08)

Posted by retailigence on September 14, 2008


RETAIL BANKING (Investment and lending pattern of consumer)

Apart from real fruitful returns .today people are also looking for various benefits in this complicated financial system. This could be termed as an “Emerging era of investing heads”. Increasing awareness leads to willingly investing customers contrary to times where people are being motivated through a basic “chai paani” way to take vivid policies. View full article

Business and Ethics go hand in hand

“Ethics is a code of values which guide our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our lives”, as stated by Ayn Rand, in my opinion is the most appropriate and complete statement for Ethics but the very first question arises, how far it is applicable in business? , several people has come up with many innovative ideas but I think still many companies are not aware from the term Business Ethics. In modern business world Cheating, corruption and deception may threatens the vary existence of business. View full article.

Understanding customer-service…

According to the Harvard Business Review on exceptionally – satisfied customer is six times more likely to buy again as one who is merely satisfied. And only a 5% increase in customer loyalty can boost profit 25% to 85%. Jack Mackey, Franchising world, page-49.

It would be stupidity if I tell you the importance of customer service. Even the rickshaw puller or kerina shop or street hawker knows that how crucial it is. View full artical.


Organised Retail undergoes Reality Check

‘Modern Retail’ was the buzz word, surrounded with excitement and euphoria only a year ago. However the inevitable consolidation and its sudden and quick arrival with an unexpected slowdown has  surprised most experts. Every one connected with retail was anxious about imminent shortage of quality manpower. Managerial talent was in short supply and salary packages were piercing stratospheric levels, reports HR consultants and trainers were ecstatic about unfolding opportunities. View full news

Big Bazaar plans to open 15 stores by November end

Retail chain Big Bazaar plans to open 15 more stores by November end, some of them in new markets, at an investment of Rs 1,500-1,600 crore. With this, Big Bazaar, a subsidiary of the Kishore Biyani-spearheaded Pantaloon Group, will have 112 stores pan-India by November, a top company official said. Big Bazaar is targeting a network of 145 stores by June 2009. View full news

SAP sees strong retail growth

With over 60 high growth Indian retail companies embracing SAP technology for Retail Solutions, SAP India has made a mark in the growing Indian retail sector. This came about at the SAP Retail Customer Value Networking Event, being held in Mumbai, September 10. View full news



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