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Business and Ethics go hand in hand

Posted by retailigence on August 30, 2008

“Ethics is a code of values which guide our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our lives”, as stated by Ayn Rand, in my opinion is the most appropriate and complete statement for Ethics but the very first question arises, how far it is applicable in business? , several people has come up with many innovative ideas but I think still many companies are not aware from the term Business Ethics. In modern business world Cheating, corruption and deception may threatens the vary existence of business.

Adidas Ankel Sports SocksBusiness ethics are certain code of conduct applied to business which are acceptable by society. The business ethics is applied neither for financial gain nor for compensating losses but useful to increase confidence of customers, as we know Honesty is the Best Policy, the policy by which one can trust other, and by adopting healthy practices one can live up to the satisfaction level of customers, apart from this ethical practices can check the business malpractices and can protect consumer rights which is an important issue same as concept of Humanitarian applicable extensively everywhere.

For every Business Goodwill plays an imperative role and to protect the interest of all those ,who deals with business ,again ethical practices can make a major difference .In addition to this, it make businessmen conscious of their social responsibility and help entrepreneurs to develop cordial relationship between business and society because Good Relationship drives motivation and satisfaction towards business. Ethics are certain code of conduct which has to be fulfill at any cost, society blindly follow the path when know about the sensibility of business.

In conclusion , I think that to achieve the higher level of ethical values one has to do self evaluation, soul searching is the only way to attain the nadir of ethics.Business and society are interrelated and interdependent to each other ,to help and to sustain the faith on each other business has to follow certain moral conduct applied to business environment called business ethics.

Contributed By:- Pooja Shrivastava


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